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Are you ready for the opportunities only your learner’s permit or licence can provide? The highway from Brisbane to Cairn is littered with some of Queensland’s biggest attractions from Fraser Island, to the Great Barrier Reef, to the Mystery Craters of Eurimbula National Park. Some of the greatest natural beauty Australia has on offer can be just a car ride away, but first, you’ll need to pass your QLD Learner’s Test. We’ve compiled all the tools you’ll need to pass your test and get onto the road. Study up using our tab featuring the official 2019 Keys to Driving in Queensland, then use our FREE practice tests to test your knowledge comprehension. They use questions directly from the driver’s handbook, just like you’ll have on your actual learner’s test, but have hints and explanations to help you along the way. Any question you don’t get right will fall into your personal Challenge Bank so you can focus on where you need to study the most. Finally, use our Test Simulator in exam mode to get the closest experience to taking your real test. Study hard, and the road can be yours. Good luck!

QLD Driver’s Licence FAQ

How Do I Apply For My Learner Licence in Queensland? Frequently Asked Questions

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  • When will I be allowed to apply for my Queensland learner licence?

    You can apply for a learner licence in Queensland when you turn 16.
  • What documents do I need to bring to apply for my Queensland learner licence?

    • Completed, unsigned driver licence application (F3000)
    • The written road rules (knowledge) test fee
    • The licence fee
    • Proof of identity:
      • Option 1 is to bring one of the following:
      • Option 2 is to bring one of the following ‘Category A’ documents...
        • Australian photo driver licence
        • Certificate of Evidence of Resident Status
        • Visa Evidence Card—with PL056 visa label attached
        • Permanent Resident Evidence ImmiCard
        • Evidence of Immigration ImmiCard
        • Document for travel to Australia
        • Temporary Resident Visa
        • Laminated Queensland accreditation:
          • Driver/rider trainer, pilot/escort vehicle driver, dangerous goods driver, tow truck driver/assistant certificate
          • Bus, taxi or limousine driver
        • Current or expired less than 2 years Queensland 18+ card (laminated)
      • ...PLUS one of the following ‘Category B’ documents:
        • Australian Defence Force photo identity card—excluding civilians Current Australian firearm licence—with photo
        • Australian security guard or crowd controller licence—with photo
        • Department of Veterans’ Affairs or Centrelink Pensioner Concession card—including Health Care cards
        • Educational institution student identity document—must include photo and/or signature
        • Debit or credit card—must include signature and embossed or printed name.
        • Medicare card
        • Interstate government-issued or government-approved proof of age card
      • Option 3 is to bring 2 ‘Category A’ documents + 1 ‘Category B’ document.
  • Where do I need to go to apply for my Queensland learner licence?

    To get your learner licence, you’ll need to pass all written road rules (knowledge) tests at a transport and motoring customer service centre.
  • How do I contact the nearest Queensland transport and motoring customer service centre?

    Here’s a search page on the website of the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads. Just enter your post code to search for the centre nearest you, and you’ll see its phone number when you click on it.
  • Do I need to bring anyone else with me for my Queensland road rules test?

    You’re welcome to bring along anyone you’d like! There’s nobody in particular who you have to bring with you, though.
  • Will I be getting a physical exam when I apply for my Queensland learner licence?

    No, but you will have to declare that you’re medically fit to drive when you fill out your application. This means it’s your responsibility to let the government know if you have any medical condition that might impact your driving ability.
  • Will I be taking an eyesight test when I apply for my Queensland learner licence?

    Yes, you’ll have to demonstrate that your visual acuity is at least decimal 0.5 (6/12) on the Snellen scale. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you should bring them with you when you go to apply for your learner licence, or to take any other test.
  • Will I be getting my photo taken when I apply for my learner licence?

    Yes, you’ll get your photo taken at the service centre when you apply.
  • Do I need to avoid wearing certain colours when I get my licence photo taken?

    No, there’s no need to avoid any particular colours. Wear any colours you’d normally wear!
  • Is it necessary to put my hair up when I get my licence photo taken?

    Only if it’s covering your eyes or any other part of your face. The whole goal of a licence photo is to make you easy to identify, so you want to make sure your whole face is clearly visible.
  • Am I allowed to wear makeup in my licence photo?

    Yes, you’re welcome to wear any kind of makeup you’d wear on a regular day. In fact, the more you look like your 'everyday self' in your photo, the better!
  • Am I allowed to smile in my licence photo?

    No, you’ll have to keep a straight face in your photo. This will make it easier for others to be sure the person in the photo is really you.
  • How else can I make sure I get an attractive licence photo?

    There’s not much else you can do - just relax, look right into the camera, and try not to blink!
  • I’ve completed my application for a Queensland learner licence. What’s my next step?

    • The next step is to visit a transport and motoring customer service centre, hand in your required documents, and sit your written road rules test.
    • After you’ve passed your road rules test - and a basic eyesight test - you’ll become a learner driver, which means you’ll be allowed to start driving right away.
    • However, as long as you’re on a learner licence, you’ll have to:
      • only drive with a supervisor who has held an open licence for at least 1 year for the class of vehicle you are driving
      • always display your L plates
      • carry your learner licence with you
      • record 100 hours of supervised driving in your learner logbook, including 10 hours of night driving
      • know the rules for driving.
  • My question isn’t listed here. Where can I get an answer?

    You can check in our Beginner Driver Q & A Section, where one of our professional driving experts may be able to help you out. Another option is to send us an email:
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